- What are the benefits of having a financial advisor?

Accomplishing your financial goals is a marathon, not a race, and working with a financial professional can give you several advantages over making the trek on your own.

Money and investing are an emotional topic; this is an area where our instincts can easily lead us astray. While completing my Ph.D. I was fascinated by the field of behavioral economics, which studies how mental blind-spots can mislead us when managing money. I've built my practice around an awareness of these natural biases so that I can help you stay on track.

My goal is to save you time and money so that you can focus on the parts of life you are passionate about, while your investments are managed with objectivity and professionalism.

- What services do you offer?

Broadly speaking, I offer two services. First, we'll develop an investment approach based on where you would like your future finances to be. Second, after we have quantified your goal, I'll implement a strategy which can help to get there. This may involve selecting a portfolio of securities (stock, bonds, mutual funds) which I will monitor and advise you on over time. 

I can also evaluate insurance and risk management solutions such as annuities, life insurance, disability income, and long-term care coverage. I do not offer tax preparation or legal advice.

- Do you work with socially conscious (ESG) investments?

There is a growing interest in investments which also support certain environmental, social, religious, or corporate governance goals. If some values are particularly important to you, we can include them as criteria when developing your financial strategy.

Every person is different in this regard so there is no one-size-fits all design for a socially responsible investment portfolio. If you wish, I can work with you to identify priorities so your investment monies are targeted at areas that align with your values.

- Is there a minimum account size?

I do not set specific account minimums to work with clients. My general philosophy is that it matters what your assets will need to be in the future in order to accomplish your goals, rather than what you have today. 

- What should I bring to our first meeting?

At a minimum, please bring a recent (within the past 12 months) statement from any investment accounts you currently hold, whether retirement accounts or otherwise.

Over time, the following documents may also be relevant:

  • Current Income: Recent Pay Stub and Tax Return
  • Insurance Documents: Life Insurance, Home, Auto, and Property. Look for Declarations and Exclusions Page
  • Debts: Any Statements Regarding Student Loans, Mortgage, Credit Cards, etc.
  • Bank Accounts: Current Balance and List of Recurring Transactions
  • Overall Household Budget in Any Form You are Currently Tracking

 Please note that these more detailed financial documents are not required for our initial meeting. Their primary purpose is to eventually create household cash flow and net worth estimates as we advance farther into the retirement or investment planning process.

- I need to reschedule a meeting. How should I contact you?

To reschedule, 48 hours advance notice is appreciated. Please call or send me an email!

- What is GWN Securities, Inc.?

GWN Securities is a privately-held broker/dealer and investment advisory firm based in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. They support independent financial advisors across the United States. GWN is independent in ownership but maintains relationships with the largest names in the business so that I can offer solutions from a wide variety of investment and financial service providers.